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Mike’s Meanders: Sri Lanka Chapter 5

Different environments inspire different accommodations. Sri Lanka has many distinctive choices all with legendary hospitality.

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At Khiri Travel Sri Lanka, we find your clients are always looking for that distinctive boutique property with style and atmosphere that perfectly compliment its surroundings. Clients want to feel like they are truly in a different world. Fortunately, Sri Lanka is chalk full of just these type of accommodations.

After an exciting day on safari, nothing beats going back to a remote campsite outfitted with luxurious tents that allow guests to spend the night immersed in nature and the nocturnal sounds of the jungle. After sunset, your clients can admire an amazing constellation of stars in the night sky with their family, friends, and new travel buddies far away from city lights. This special feeling is one that no travel professional can manufacture. What we can do is place people in the right place and let the magic of the moment unfold naturally.

It’s not just the nature camps in Sri Lanka that inspire! An atmosphere of living history will greet your clients in another choice of accommodation featuring beautifully renovated colonial architecture. Some of Ceylon’s (Sri Lanka’s colonial name) former grand mansions are now converted into charming, deluxe hotels. The parlor of one of these lavish former homes has a grand piano, the music of which once welcomed the country’s elite dignitaries and royalty.

While your clients are sipping tea or playing at a Victorian snooker table, there is little doubt the romanticism of the Elizabethan era will be alive and well in their imagination. Whether it’s a tropically inspired beachfront hotel, a colonial era mansion or a nature inspired eco-lodge, the possibilities for distinctive accommodations in this island nation are endless.

The Kandy House is a wonderful example. A converted villa built by the last Chief Minister of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1804, this hotel oozes the style and elegance of aristocrats from the early 1800’s. Immediately upon entering, your clients will forget they’re entering a hotel and feel like guests of some noble family. With a cool drink and a warm smile, your clients are welcomed with the hospitality for which Sri Lanka is famous. With only nine guest rooms, this converted manor house enables a comfortable intimacy and exclusive experience. Each room differs in size and style for that individual touch. For architecture and design buffs, it’s an experience just to walk around and admire this tastefully appointed property decorated with fine antiques and exquisite paintings.

From the Kandy House Hotel, your clients can easily explore one of Sri Lanka’s most treasured landmarks, the Temple of the Tooth. Based in a royal palace complex and housing a relic of Buddha, this site is one of the most spiritually revered sites in all of the country. A visit to this profoundly important religious temple, combined with a stay at a hotel that exudes such warmth and charm, is a once in a lifetime experience for a visit to Kandy.

If falling asleep to the sound of waves gently rolling onto the beach and a cool breeze blowing in off the Indian Ocean is your client’s idea of a dream vacation, then we highly recommend a stay at the Jungle Beach Resort in Trincomalee. The design and construction of this beautiful hotel were inspired by the elements of nature. In order for guests to always feel a sense of nature around them, the property has teak walkways and stone paths that weave through an abundance of trees and flowering plants. Staying in one of the 48 private guest villas is the perfect way to unwind, share a moment with that special someone, or recover after a day of exhilarating water sports.

For a special touch, Khiri Travel can set up a private dinner for your clients on a secluded beach. The glowing moonlight and the sounds of the gentle surf instill a romantic ambiance for a special, candlelight dinner. This four-course meal of fresh seafood, including lobster, crab and tuna, prepared and served by a private butler, makes for a memorable occasion.

A chorus of birds is the wake up call at the next choice accommodation. Outside of both Yala and Wilpattu National Parks are the bespoke-tented camps of Leopard Trails. For your adventure and nature enthusiast travelers, these luxury tents are sure to bring out their inner explorer. After your client spends the day on a wildlife safari, the best way to spend the evening is by cozying up by the fire with a cocktail. After a bit of relaxing and story swapping by the fire, camp guests follow a lantern lit path to their tent accommodation. The spacious and secure tents are made of canvas but amazingly still incorporate all the modern amenities of a traditional building.

These safari camps, famed for their harmonious blend of wilderness and luxury, are the ultimate in accommodation for your clients spending time in the bush. For a bit of added excitement, Khiri Travel has night vision goggles that clients may opt to bring on a nocturnal safari or to use around the camp to spot elusive animals rarely seen during the day.

In terms of distinctive accommodations that blend atmosphere, nature and cultural heritage into their surroundings, Sri Lanka leaves nothing to be desired. On my most recent trip I was blown away at the character, excellent service and overall warm hospitality that I received at each hotel. The welcoming and inviting spirit of Sri Lanka was evident in not only every hotel, but every guide, food vendor and colleague I met along the way. Stay tuned for my final installment on our series exploring Sri Lanka where I write a bit about my most recent adventure to this Asian paradise.

For more information about finding that perfect accommodation on a tour to any of Sri Lanka’s intriguing destinations, please contact to [email protected]

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