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Mr. Somphet Successful – Our staff at Khiri Travel Laos

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Khiri Travel Laos created The Different Facets of Vang Vieng excursion in 2018, it is supporting communities and families by introducing tourism as a sustainable and impactful livelihood.


Please tell us your title and job description at Khiri Travel

My name is Somphet Successful, I am working for Khiri Travel Laos, I am taking care of modules bookings, the responsibility is to make sure bookings are confirmed and all the arrangements are done in a timely manner, previously I have been learning a lot from my colleagues especially Tailor made requests, because of those myself improvement, now my colleagues let me take care of a few Tailor made Agents, besides that, I am also taking care of contracts extension and other individuals tasks from my colleagues.


How long have you worked for Khiri Travel and what inspired you to choose this kind of work?

I started to work for Khiri Travel Laos from 11th February 2014, it’s been 7 years now. The things that inspire me to be with Khiri Travel Laos are: The colleagues are very nice to me, Khiri Travel Laos has very good value for the staff, I could learn a lot from my foreigner and local colleagues.
Besides that, the tourism industry could also let me meet many different people from around the world and make me have an opportunity to share about Lao cultures with those people, it could also make me have a chance to explore the country and see many different things.


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Somphet Successful I am 28 years old, I am from Vang Vieng District, Vientiane province, it is a small town north of Vientiane, it only takes about 4 hour’s drive from Vientiane Capital, it is surrounded by striking beautiful limestone mountains and caves. I am married now and I am living in Luang Prabang the beautify World Heritage Site with my wife and her family.


What is your favorite destination and why?

I love Luang Prabang very much, Luang Prabang is very small town and it is very beautiful, lies in a valley at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, there is no traffic, people are very nice, the weather is very nice and cool, there are many tourist attractions where I can go to relax and enjoy with my families and friends on the weekend.


What kind of clients do you work with the most and how do you manage their expectations?

Most of the clients I am working with are a bit elderly and they are free independent traveller, what I would do to let them have right expectations, I always make sure my latest itinerary sent to our Agent before clients received are corrected, especially timing to pick them up, kind of transportation would pick them up (Tuk-tuk or Minivan) would they have a guide or not. On spot, I always follow up with my clients, through their guide or driver to see if they need anything. I sometimes meet some of my clients face to face just to say hello or reassure them when something didn’t go the way they expected.


Can you describe a tour with families?

Khiri Travel Laos created The Different Facets of Vang Vieng excursion in 2018, it is supporting communities and families by introducing tourism as a sustainable and impactful livelihood, while delivering our mutual clients with authentic and un-staged, after this excursion has been created my families and the neighborhoods can have an income and job, they are very happy about it.

The different facet will be leading you by a local English Speaking guide, first of freshen will be on a local tuk-tuk up to the north of Vang Vieng where you can start a leisurely kayaking trip on the Nam Song River, which flows along with stunning cast stone formations. After about 2 hours, you will reach a local Kamu village where you are invited by a welcoming family to have a typical Kamu lunch at the family’s garden. Here you will also learn the traditions and culture of animism that is practiced by many ethnic minorities in Laos.

After spending some time chatting with the family, you will be also learning how the local rice wine, “Lao Hai” is produced. From here you will continue to one of the neighbors who is a knife smith. Here it is time to forge your own personalized knife, using techniques that have been used for generations. Definitely, a unique memory to take back home!

Later in the afternoon, your guide will lead you through rice paddies to a cave on the other side of the river, passing by farmers working on the fields. On the way back to the village, you will be taking rest in one of the local rice huts and try some of the rice wine, while learning more about the importance of agriculture in Laos.

Once the set slowly sets, we continue back to the village and you will be transferred back to your hotel.

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