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Myanmar Elected: Ms. Tin Tin

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In preparation of the 2015 Myanmar Elections, every week we speak to a citizen of Myanmar about the impact tourism has (had) on their daily life. Once upon a time Ms. Tin Tin was asked to demonstrate Burmese cuisine to guests and that has made all the difference..


The way I see it, tourism can help you and the people around you to build a better future. Tourism can play a positive role in the society — if you do it right and manage it well.

I want to share my story about how the tourism in my country helped me improve. I am Tin Tin who loves cooking. I have been learning about traditional cuisine for years. I used my skill in cooking for my family and relatives only. My dream was to open a small restaurant for those who like to try food cooked in traditional style.

One day I was asked by Khiri Travel to arrange for their clients who loved to learn about the local cuisine and I arranged it in my home in the village called Nam Hu, which is situated in southern part of Inle Lake. They enjoyed my cooking and I was very happy. Then I came to realize that I can make some income by opening a local restaurant in the village. At the same time I can introduce our traditional recipes to the world. So I decided to open my home as the Tin Tin Cooking Class and local restaurant. It has been quite successful and keeps me busy almost every month. Now I have a regular job and income because of the tourism in my country. With the income that I make by opening a local restaurant I can support my family, relatives and neighbors. I can make some income and support my family, especially my two sons who are at university. I also make friends with so many people from different countries and learn about their recipes.

My dream is fulfilled thanks to tourism. I have been asked so many times by lots of peoples about the impact of tourism. The way I see it, tourism can help you and the people around you to build a better future. Tourism can play a positive role in the society — if you do it right and manage it well.

Ms. Tin Tin

Cook and restaurant owner

Inle Lake area, Shan State


The Myanmar General Election 2015 is scheduled for November 8th 2015 and will form an important landmark for the future of Myanmar and people working in the Burma tourism industry.


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