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New Adventures in emerging Cambodian provinces for 2020

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As the 2020 trend of visiting more second cities takes off, the smaller provinces of Cambodia will surely accommodate travelers that want to slow down and experience the local lifestyle. Cambodia continues to reinvent itself as a destination with many flexible activities that can create innovative itineraries to satisfy any prospective client. Khiri Travel Cambodia is optimistic for 2020 as new experiences are being released after being thoroughly inspected.

While being overshadowed by some of the more popular neighboring cities, the emerging regions such as Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri, and Kep will surely gain traction in 2020. Mondulkiri offers some of the best hiking in the country, while the Boeng Yeak Lom lake at Ratanakiri is absolutely stunning and well worth the journey. At Kep, travelers can learn about the various peppers produced in the province and enjoy fresh crab at the local markets.

Boeng Yeak Lom lake


These new destinations come at the right time as we have experienced a rising demand for outdoor adventures. As we further refine our journeys and activities, we will continue creating products that would please even the most discerning clientele.

With numerous new additions of luxury hotels across the country like the Shinta Mani Wild, Alila Koh Russey, Six Senses Krabey Island, and the Bensley Collection, attracting more luxury agents and media visits now than ever before. Clients are now able to visit the ornate temples and ancient relics of Cambodia while relaxing in luxurious hotel surroundings. Upscale itineraries include an evening inside the villa of a local celebrity chef, where guests are able to learn the secrets of her traditional recipes. See firsthand how Cambodia’s history has shaped the way people cook and learn how to create beautiful flavors from humble ingredients, before enjoying an intimate dinner. A cruise along the Mekong, with Aqua Expeditions and its iconic vessel, offers exemplary service throughout the entire journey and ensure that even the smallest detail isn’t overlooked. Whether it’s a returning visitor desiring to see a different side of Cambodia or an eager first-timer, these splendid cruises balance morning outdoor adventures with leisurely afternoons and evenings to create unforgettable memories on the riverbanks.

The growing interest in Cambodian cuisine has been one of the biggest surprises in 2019. Many clients pick one of our signature foodie tours or lunch at a local homestay to learn about the Cambodian culture from what’s on their plate. People are now craving to taste the authentic flavor profiles that locals enjoy and we deliver these experiences in a safe way without compromising the flavor and authenticity of the food. Our foodie tours will have your mouth-watering as you walk through the busy streets of open-air markets surrounded by food vendors. The best Khmer restaurants serve dishes with an explosion of different flavor combinations that balance sweet, salty, and sour notes. Or better yet, have a meal with one of the local Khmer hosts: their kind and friendly smiles will make you feel right at home. If you’re lucky, they might even teach you the secrets of making the best fish Amok!

Lunch with local family


Community-based projects and activities focusing on sustainability have been increasingly popular as well, with our home-stay project of Sambor Prei Kuk Conversation and Development Community attracting more and more guests. After visiting the nearby ruins of Sambor Prei Kuk, the project is a great opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the traditional Khmer way of life. Exploring how they live sustainably and promote a local economy is a refreshing and eye-opening experience. 

As we set new goals for 2020, our team renews our commitment to continue exceeding the client’s expectations and improving our travel products. We are also currently finding alternatives to plastic bottles during our transfers, which has been a great challenge for the team here. From our entire team, we want to wish all our partners a happy and bright new year. Here’s to an even better 2020!

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