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With Bangkok Airway’s new direct flights from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang, it’s never been easier to experience the northern highlights of Thailand and Laos – all in one round trip.

Chiang Mai, the former capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, and the largest and most culturally significant city of Thailand’s north, is fast becoming a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world.

Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former royal capital of Laos, is a bustling town of ethnic minorities, markets, temples, and exquisite Lao and French colonial architecture.

With this new route, both foreign and domestic travelers from Thailand and Laos can explore the complementary attractions of both countries; present in the eclectic array of amazing food, traditional handicrafts, ethnic cultures, and growing range of eco-adventure activities that the two destinations are known for.

The route will also promote the importance of inter-regional tourism by encouraging the development of new packages and itineraries for foreign and domestic markets.

Khiri Travel has many tours for you to experience in both of these fantastic destinations. Below are some of Khiri Travel’s Signature Experiences that can be combined in 3-days, 2-nights packages, or added to a multi-country itinerary.



Lanna Family Home Experience

You will visit the teak wooden home of the Raunkaew-Yanon family, who arrived in the region almost 150 years ago. They are a Lanna family who, to this day, have maintained the same northern Thai traditions handed down over many generations. You will learn about their culture, their way of life, as well as the traditional Lanna architecture of their home. Together with the family members, you will then cook some authentic northern Thai dishes. Not only will you be able to enjoy this delicious home-cooked lunch together, but you will also have the opportunity to get to know the family and appreciate their genuine northern hospitality.


Cooking, Tasting, and Learning About Lao Food

You first arrive at a local fresh market, where you will meet your chef for the day, Mrs Noy. Wandering around the market you learn about the local produce, and with Mrs Noy’s guidance purchase the fresh ingredients you need for your Lao cooking lesson. You then board a ferry and cross the Mekong River to visit Mrs Noy’s home. Friendly villagers and Mrs Noy’s family will be there to greet you, but don’t expect a modern-equipped kitchen, as the cooking class takes place in Mrs Noy’s simple home. ‘After you have enjoyed lunch with the family and villagers, you continue down river by boat to another community to try some kaipen, a Lao snack made from dried, freshwater algae found only in the Mekong River.




Best of Chiang Mai

Drive to the riverfront Warorot Market, Chiang Mai’s bustling ‘Chinatown’ quarter. Be prepared for an assault on your senses as you encounter unfamiliar sights, smells and bustling crowds. Nearby is the Hmong hill tribe market, while facing the Ping River is the photogenic flower market. From here you head to Thapae Gate, one of the four original city gates, where you continue by rickshaw to a number of temples, including Wat Chiang Man, Wat Phra Singh, and Wat Chedi Luang. You will also meet with an English-speaking monk, who will answer your questions and offer you some insight into Chiang Mai’s colorful past. You have lunch at a local restaurant, before driving up into the hills to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a sacred temple named after Doi Suthep Mountain, with impressive views overlooking Chiang Mai.


The Art of Buddhist Meditation

There are many things in life that are beyond our control, but mediation can help to improve one’s state of mind and deal with many stressful situations that we face on a daily basis. In this mediation session at a local temple, you will learn Buddhist meditation practices and techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, and positive thinking. Due to the traditional Buddhist rules of practice, you may find that the men and women are separated during the meditation class, with the women following the nuns for their sessions and men the monks. It is also believed that separating couples can ultimately lead to a deeper connection and oneness. We strongly recommend that you do not bring your phone or any other electronic equipment with you to the temple, since it may interrupt the class.



Bangkok Airways Chiang Mai – Luang Prabang (Laos) (Round-Trip) operates three flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) with a 70-seater ATR 72-600 aircraft. The outbound flight PG983 departs Chiang Mai International Airport at 16.30 hrs and arrives in Luang Prabang International Airport at 17.45 hrs. The inbound flight PG984 departs Luang Prabang International Airport at 18.30 hrs and arrives in Chiang Mai International Airport at 19.45 hrs. The service starts on 2 April, 2019.

Contact Khiri Travel for further information or to book any of the above flights and tours: [email protected].

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