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Painting the Town Colorful with Bangkok Street Art

September 12, 2017 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

For any open-minded art lover Bangkok has become a worthwhile destination. Besides small art galleries regularly featuring exhibits of local artists, nowadays wall murals and graffiti can be found at various places around the town.

990 BKK Street Arts

Local graffiti artists have become more accepted and been very active in town, partly a result of the yearly Bukruk Urban Arts Festival. The first one transformed Bangkok’s muddy and smelly Klong Saen Saeb into an enormous open-air gallery with colorful murals on both sides of the canal, stretching all the way from Siam Square to Rama VI Road.

Since then there has been an increase in using walls for paintings, murals and graffiti. Of course, not all of these spaces are homes to masterpieces, but there are some that certainly stand out!

Here we’d like to give you an overview of some places worth visiting:

990 Street art in BKK 3

A good combination of local community life and art can be found at ‘Talad Noi’ in Chinatown. This small fresh market is still active in a typical old shop house neighbourhood, and one small lane in particular offers a few murals in different styles, some large, others smaller, some not in good shape, but charming in a way and worth a few minutes of your time.

Apart from art you can also see the ‘chop-and-sell’ car parts shops, between the market and the riverside, which are easily recognizable due to the nearby ‘mountains’ of engine parts!

Further up in Chinatown along Song Wat Road there are three massive murals that are very impressive indeed. The first two-story mural focuses on nature with playful line drawings on a pink/purple background; the second depicts two ‘frolicking’ elephants and the last one has an intriguing bicycle theme.

990 Street Arts in Bkk

We take a short taxi ride to a small park in the center of town, named Chalermla Park, better known as Graffiti Park. Besides offering a small playground for children and a court for playing takrow and other ball sports, the walls feature a continuous ‘battle’ of graffiti by local street artists, who happily keep painting and spraying with very colorful results! And a short walk in the area reveals a few more murals, most in good condition too.

990 Street art in BKK 2

Together with those of nearby Klong Saen Saeb in walking distance you have enough to spend a great artistic half day in Bangkok!

Khiri Travel Thailand has a half-day art tour exploring some of these places, suitable for both FIT and groups! Please email to [email protected] for more information.


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