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Revealing Sri Lanka’s Authentic Qualities

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Gonzalo Gil Lavedra, our General Manager in Sri Lanka, wants to provide tour products that avoid that prefabricated or copycat experience. Rather, he highlights the top qualities of this country that make for an authentic and memorable experience.

We live in a time where life increasingly is becoming more prefabricated– from hotel rooms that are similar despite location and where the concept of sightseeing is arranged like cookie cutter baking. Tourists can be visiting Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal, but the copycat experience ruins the moment.

Sri Lanka has all the ingredients to become a world-class destination. The country’s history spans well over two millennia from the kings of Anuradhapura to a colonial spell of Portuguese, Dutch and English.  It has nature like other destinations can only dream of: golden beaches, rolling hills, deep jungles and lush tea plantations; and amazing wildlife like nocturnal leopards, swimming elephants and breaching whales.

Their culinary tradition and regional cuisines reflect the influences of their ancient heritage. For example, try an odiyal kool, a spicy seafood dish from Jaffna or the ever-present string hoppers or rice noodles for breakfast. Sri Lankan food is amazing, delicious and unique, and it deserves to be put onto the world stage.

The people are friendly and genuine. Our best tours allow your travelers to engage with authentic local people such as our Kandy Heritage Cycling tour and Mother’s Crab Curry. The Sri Lankans are natural hosts who make their guests feel welcome and always go the extra mile to help. It’s a refreshing attitude your traveler’s will find throughout the country.

These top national qualities–nature, history, cuisine and people are great ingredients for making a memorable travel experience and Sri Lanka is ready to deliver. Khiri Travel now has the challenge to create tour products that provide authentic moments to deny that cookie cutter experience. Like fine dinning, one has to let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Jaffna is now reopened and reenergized after thirty years of conflict. We work with local Tamil families who are eager to enter the hospitality business. Your travelers are more likely to enjoy chatting with our funny guide, Shanjey, while watching the sunset at Galle Fort than the hotel room they booked the night before. It’s that simple, create the right experience without tampering too much, and your travelers are in for the stuff that makes memories.

We endeavor to find small properties that are locally owned and reflect the ethos and élan of Sri Lanka as well as avoid that dreaded lunch buffet of tired pasta and bland chicken. If your clients want to discover what makes Sri Lanka one of the most remarkable countries in the world, come see us because we have the right ingredients for an authentic and memorable tour.

For more information about authentic experience in Sri Lanka and bookings, please contact [email protected]

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