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Scholars of Sustenance and Khiri Travel Thailand

November 17, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , ,

Where to start?

2020 started just like another year with the world and Khiri Travel Thailand being optimistic for a happy year of sustainable and responsible tourism. And then! Covid-19 struck and it felt like the whole country came to a complete stand still as the exodus of tourists started to head home before Thailand closed its boarders in order to stem the pandemic.

With no business to operate our transportation teams become a little obsolete with no travelers to ferry around from airports to local destinations…. So we looked at trying to help out a little as initially Covid-19 meant lots of business suspended their daily operations putting people out of work and parts of the population into a situation that they had not faced previously!

Feeding yourself and your family can be difficult in times of hardship and this is where SOS (Scholars of Sustenance) stepped in to help elevate hunger in times of hardship.

Khiri Travel Thailand offered SOS– (Scholars of Sustenance) assistance with transportation helping them ferry their army of volunteers around Bangkok and its environs to assist in getting food and assistance to the local (low income communities) at this time…. 

“COVID-19 affected all of us. However for those who already had very little the impact was far more severe and devastating. We are currently facing several crises from homelessness to hunger. With millions of people going without food on a daily basis, which is why we at SOS have taken action in order to help those who need it most.”

You can check out their website here to read more or make a meaningful donation to feed families.

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