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Seeing the Ocean for the First Time

January 18, 2018 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under:

On the 3rd of December 2017, Khiri Travel Vietnam teamed up with Réhahn, a famous French photographer based in Hoi An, to help bring 35 children from seven different ethnic groups – the Ede, J’Rai, Mnong, Xo Dang, Nung, Rengao and Hmong in the Central Highlands region – to Hoi An for their first-ever experience of the ocean.

990 see sea in VT 2

Photos courtesy of Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum, Hoi An

Réhahn has worked with these tribes for a number of years having photographed ethnic communities all over Vietnam. His ‘Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum’, which opened in Hoi An on January 1, 2017, has great examples of traditional art, clothing and local culture.

After a long bus ride, the children first visited Réhahn’s museum and he and his team were amazed by their reactions to the exhibition. Some of the children actually ran up to the mannequins and started giving them hugs! One child even said, “Look my mum!” as he embraced one of the traditionally dressed models.

990 see sea in VT

On their second day, they visited the beach for the very first time in their lives. There was a real burst of excitement among the whole group as the children ran towards the sea and sand, grinning from ear to ear.

It was a great experience for the children and one that they will remember for many years to come. Khiri Travel Vietnam was honoured to be able to help, and looks forward to working with these communities again in the near future.

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