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One of the best and biggest sustainable projects I’ve visited in Cambodia. An hour and a half from Phnom Penh, in Kampong Chnang Province, this huge farm house of 22 hectares is having a positive impact on families around in the villages.

Its pillar projects being: education, agriculture, crafts/production, tourism & catering.

Smiling Gecko helps people through sustainable projects where locals are actors of the change. In agriculture for example, the idea is to accompany and train them to learn organic farming, growing chickens or pigs and developing a fish farm, while kids are going to school that was built further away, passing everyday in front of the carpentry where olders are learning how to produce wooden tables and sell them afterwards.

In the same area, on the other side, The Farmhouse, is a sustainable boutique resort, where guests can come and enjoy the organic food, the environment, a visit of the property and the beautiful countryside and surroundings of the farm. The food and the rooms are being prepared by the trainees in hospitality who used to study at the local school.

Those stilt houses combine the charm of the traditional Cambodian architecture with the modern facilities. Huge and luxuriant, the swimming pool is a perfect silent place to relax, as well as the spa and the yoga classes. 

Overall, every single project is helping another one and the aim is to have a healthy and flourishing ecosystem.

Moreover, the whole initiative is moving forward in terms of sustainability:

  • Inducing a no plastic policy with the great collaboration of Refill not Landfill
  • In the whole staff area, the plastic bags were replaced in the waste bins with paper bags. They are produced by the staff out of old newspapers which are being collected from people in the city.
  • Ecological decentralized wastewater systems (DEWAT)
  • Waste management was implemented a month ago (regular information and training with staff to awaken the awareness with staff, separation of waste to be re-used or recycled)
  • Organic vegetables and fruits farm
  • Water filters for drinking water from our own water source

By promoting the property to our travelers, we contribute to supporting Smiling gecko’s ecosystem, its success and the development of one of the poorest regions in Cambodia where agriculture is usually difficult due to the soil infertility.

Khiri Travel, being involved in developing a more sustainable tourism is glad to partner and promote those projects that have a huge positive impact on local communities at a large scale. 

For more information and bookings, please contact us at [email protected].

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