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Siem Reap’s World of Art, Fashion and Designers

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Khiri Travel Cambodia’s intimate Art & Artisan tour takes you into the artistic world of Siem Reap – an eye opener in terms of the quality and the amazing variety of works and designs on display. The tour is ideally suited to small groups, generally two to three people, so that everyone can benefit from the history, information, and advice given.

Mr Bina, the curator of McDermott Gallery, is your expert guide, who will first chat to you about Siem Reap’s local art scene to establish your passions and interests – whether it’s photography, mixed media, sculptures, paintings, textiles, or jewelry – to name a few of the choices in Siem Reap.

On the way, we stop for coffee and refreshments, although this may depend on how flexible your schedule is.  Everyone on the tour is given plenty of time and breathing space at each location – there’s no ‘hard-sell’ at any of the galleries or boutiques we visit, and you’ll be left to your own devices if you so wish.

Our first stop is McDermott Gallery at FCC Angkor Complex, where we begin with an award-winning American photographer, John McDermott and his acclaimed fine art photography of Angkor. Next door to McDermott Gallery is the eclectic Tiger Lily Boutique, offering an impressive array of Khmer relics and artifacts, including authentic alms bowls, original betel-leaf boxes, and bronze water bowls. Included in this collection is a small selection of Khmer inspired handmade linocut prints by the boutique owner and artist, Judie Wong.

From Tiger Lily, we make our way to the ultra-modern 1961 Gallery. The main artistic hub at this space has fully curated shows and exhibitions by local Cambodian and international artists. Designed to connect artists and the community, this gallery showcases art from classic to avant-garde in both visual and musical forms.

Next, we travel about 10 minutes out of Siem Reap town to Theam’s House.  One of the few Cambodian-owned galleries in Siem Reap, Theam’s House is filled with beautiful lacquer paintings, modern clay and traditional wooden carvings; all housed in a traditional Cambodian house owned by Artist, Muy Theam Lim. Wander through this purpose built space with Theam’s sister, Maddy, who will give her personal insight into the artist’s preferred mediums, and meet the young artisans Theam is currently mentoring at his workshop.

From the traditional to the divinely fabulous, our next stop is the workshop and boutique of international fashion designer, Eric Raisina.  Eric’s sophisticated ‘haute texture’ handmade collections are an exceptional blend of African, European and Asian influences, with distinctive chic textures. You will witness first-hand how Eric produces his high-quality designs with Cambodian silks in flaming colors. Eric is regularly featured during Milan, New York, London and Paris Fashion weeks.

Keeping within the artisan theme, our final stop is the exquisite Garden of Desire Jewelry Boutique, founded in 2008 by Cambodian designer Ly Pisith, who has created an elegant collection that identifies every piece of jewelry as a work of art in its own right. Pisith incorporates unique shapes and textures in his collections consisting of a wide range of materials and handcrafted fine silver, which exude an impeccable style.

For more information on this tour and other experiences in Siem Reap, get in touch with us at [email protected].


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