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Slow travel and free-spirited exploration in Thailand for 2020

January 22, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

At Khiri Travel Thailand our predictions for 2020 see our clients continuing to seek more intrepid activities and evolve at a faster pace. Travelers are more eager to get outdoors to explore the lesser known regions in Thailand, we have been hard at work to provide an expanded portfolio of adventurous travel products.

As we develop alongside our clients’ needs and wants, we predict that this year will be centered around exploration and reinvention. Like never before, more travelers are fueled with a passion for exploring the unknown. Drawn to new adventures and personal connections, they are focused on responsible travel, sustainability, and being truly immersed in the places that they visit. Organizing a client’s experience with these values in mind can certainly be a challenge. Previously, these types of adventures were only accessible to travelers who were on longer vacations. As we work on creating itineraries that explore Thailand in an in-depth yet concise manner, we are carefully opening new routes so that the clients can maximize their vacation days.

Thailand is a diverse country with a vast variety of destinations to discover, we are eager to show our clients the lesser-known, secondary destinations that the country has to offer. Not only does it help alleviate the over-tourism in the more popular areas; but it also helps to preserve the environment and its natural beauty. For example, during the high season, alternatives to Phuket and Phang-nga could be Khao Lak or Koh Lanta. Being less crowded, travelers can enjoy a relaxing time while still enjoying the outdoors. Along with recommending these lesser known destinations, we will also be partnering with eco-friendly resorts that promote sustainable tourism, which we believe will have a positive impact on the local communities. 

Another travel trend this year is immersive escapes coupled with assisted independent travel: it gives the clients a sense of freedom, exhilaration, and total control of their in-country experience.

We have been revisiting Northern Thailand and researching with our partners to create some exceptional self-drive itineraries. As clients explore the Thai countryside at their leisure, they can stop at the many picturesque viewing points and capture the perfect photo. With over 3800 bends, the mountainous roads of Northern Thailand are a wonderful-scenic route for a perfect road trip. While enjoying some of the most diverse scenery that Thailand has to offer, learn about the Indigenous-Northern Thai Hill tribes. Pay a visit to Doi Inthanon National Park, a wonderful place worth exploring which has overnight facilities for our travelers. Hiking the Kew Mae Pan trail is a great way to explore the forest and see some of the oldest trees in the park.

While heading towards Mae Hong Son, there’s one road that should not be missed called Tung Bua Thong at Doi Mae Mae. Tung Bua Thong translates into the Field of Golden Flowers and is full of sunflowers on both sides of the highway. After taking the perfect snapshots, the Bua Tong Waterfall is nearby and a great place to hike and take a dip. Alternatively, Pai and Tham Lod Cave are also great spots to check out for active travelers: they have some of the best hiking and kayaking in Thailand. As more people take the time to explore at their own pace, starting or ending their journey in the glittering temple city of Chiang Mai is a great choice. Conversely, heading further north towards Thailand’s northernmost border town and walking the streets of Mae Sai is also a lovely way to end a vacation.


In 2020, we want to promote more flexibility in our explorations up north. With an amazing wealth of experiences to be had for all our explorers, Khiri Travel is here to support the free-spirited individuals, couples, or families looking to blaze their own trail at their own pace. For my information, contact our team at [email protected]. We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!

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