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Spirits, Well-Being and Fortune Telling in Yangon

December 15, 2017 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

In Yangon’s heavy traffic, taxi drivers face a stressful job every day. Blocked streets and the heat create frustration. How to cope with the frustration? Over Thingyan, the Buddhist New Year celebrations in April, many men escape to a monastery to practice meditation. After that — many taxi drivers claim — their lives become tranquil again.

One of Khiri’s unique experiences is a walk called the Spiritual Shwedagon Pagoda, which gives guests a deeper insight into Buddhism as well as fortune telling and beliefs in ghosts.

During this interactive half-day tour we take guests through the backdoor of the temple and show them the full history of the pagoda and the daily life of all people living in its immediate surroundings. We strive to give a deeper insight in the Buddhist religion and how spiritual belief is mixed with the belief in nats – Myanmar spirits.

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The tour includes a Burmese breakfast, offerings to monks and the pagoda, a visit to a fortune teller, and a Burmese lunch. It is a tour that will really enlighten the knowledge about Burmese spirituality.

If one wants to learn more about meditation and traditional medicine in Myanmar, then “A Fortuneteller Told Me: Meditation, Traditional Medicine and Good Luck!” is a tour in Yangon, that will certainly uplift one’s spirit.

There are many different ways to try to give the body and soul a bit more peace of mind, to build up karma, or to get directions on what to do in life. During this full day tour the principles of mediation are explained at one of Yangon’s meditation centers. Then get a foot massage in a school for blind people before a vegetarian lunch. Gain deeper insights into Burmese traditional medicine at a local traditional medicine shop and find out the secret of beautiful Burmese skin.

We end the day with a visit to a fortuneteller who will read our palm. This is where the spiritual world and the physical world collide.

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