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Spotlight on Mr Ty – Vietnam guide

October 10, 2013 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

Which province in Vietnam do you come from?

I was born in the center of Vietnam, in Quangngai province. After I graduated from high school, I came to the big city – Ho Chi Minh City — to study. After that, some students went back to their hometown or stayed in the city. I chose to stay in HCMC, because it would give me a chance to meet people from around the world. Quangngai still gives me sweet memories. Growing up there was not an easy life though. Each year we were hit by about 12 typhoons. It was tough. The typhoon washes out everything. People struggle to save anything they have.

How many years have you been working with Khiri Travel?

I have worked with Khiri Travel Vietnam since 2009. I remembered the first tour I took was a nine-day trip to Hoi An for a Dutch agent. This is a tour I liked because I had time to introduce my hometown to tourists when we traveled through there. Khiri Vietnam has given me a lot of chances to work with their clients since 2009. I respect these opportunities. I always make a big effort to complete each tour with my highest ability.

Can you tell us more about your hometown and its points of interest?

Quangngai province is located in the center of Vietnam. I still remember my dad telling me about a lot of places that I’m proud of. My Son or My Lai is the most famous destination in Quangngai. This place is located nearby a river and the sea. On the way there we pass through An Mountain and Tra River, before moving on to the sea with its very beautiful beach. My Lai is the place where American soldiers killed 504 villagers during the war. It is a painful part of Quangngai and Vietnam’s history. I also recommend Tra River and An Mountain. They can’t be separated. From the south bank of the river the shadow of the mountain reflects in the water of the river like a mirror. The local people call this mountain Thiên Ấn (the mirror of the Heaven King). Tra River has a legend about a king (Nam Chieu) that takes place in a part of the river called Long Đầu Hý Thủy (‘Dragon Head Playing with Water’). Another place of interest is Co Luy village, an old Cham settlement.

Which place do you prefer to explain to clients and why?

The most interesting thing for me to talk about is Central Vietnam. This is where the very famous people of the Cham live. They have a long history and special culture. They live in the area from Phan Thiet to Hoi An. They have many stories and legends about their emperor. A lot of ethnic people also live in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Another highlight is a visit to Nha Trang. It has an original Cham tower temple. Nha Trang is a great place to dive and to see corals or swim in the sea.

What is your opinion about the tourism development in Vietnam?

I think the Vietnamese government needs more projects to develop tourism. We also need more good hotels and resorts. We need more entertainment places for clients when they stop and relax. These entertainments should be Vietnamese culture shows (like Ao Dai show, water puppet show, Vietnamese musical instruments show). If we have more cultural entertainments, I think we can attract more clients come to Vietnam in the future.

What would you like the client to remember about their experience in Vietnam?

I think when tourists come to Vietnam for the first time, they are impressed by the traffic (!) and the people here. The Vietnamese are also very friendly – which we are proud of. We have a long history, established culture and 54 ethnic groupings living along the ‘s’-shaped land of our country. The place I think is the most impressive is Halong Bay. It has many islands and islets. It is a very impressive place.


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