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Sri Lanka Is Asia’s Answer to Year Round Travel

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Sri Lanka

Regarding visits to Sri Lanka, I often hear the question: when is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka? The answer may take many by surprise, but it Bare in mind, however, there are seasonal monsoons at different times of the year in different sections of the country. Here are some details to take into account when planning a trip to this island destination depending on which time of the year your clients plan to visit.

The southern and western part of the island including Colombo, Galle, the west coast beaches and the south coast experience the monsoon from May to around November. Therefore, for a beach vacation, we recommend heading east to Trincomale, Passekudah or Arugam Bay, each of which will have clear skies during these months. Places such as Galle or Colombo are still fine during the rainy season because the rain only comes in quick showers rather than daylong bad weather. The residents of Colombo consider the rain a blessing in disguise as it helps to keep the afternoon temperatures a bit cooler.

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In the north of Sri Lanka, such as Jaffna and along the east coast, the seasonal rains come from October to January. This is the perfect time to visit Sri Lanka’s south beaches and the west coast. With a bit of planning it is easy to avoid the regions having rain and still have a wonderful holiday in this charming country formerly known as Ceylon.

The most popular months to visit the south are January until March and the east coast from June until September. These are also the months where we see the highest number of visitors. The transitions periods of the rainy season, which are May and then October to November, also mark the months where the island is quieter and prices go down. If your clients desire to avoid the crowds, this is the ideal time of the year to visit.

Our Khiri Travel Sri Lanka team has traveled extensively around the island and we can provide insightful advise on how to plan the optimum time for a visit. Just remember, it does not matter what time of the year it is, the sun will be shinning somewhere in Ceylon.

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