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Tetebatu: the Essence of Lombok Village Life

April 18, 2019 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , ,

Lying on the southern boundary of Mount Rinjani National Park, the quiet town of Tetebatu and the green, serene villages, forests and rice fields of this rural area, make it a perfect family destination. Situated only about 2 km from the national park, this quaint rural community lies some 400 to 500 m above sea level, and provides visitors with the chance to experience real, traditional village life in Lombok.

Khiri Travel Indonesia offers various activities and signature experiences in the area, with fun for your children and even their grandparents! Tetebatu is perhaps best known for its fascinating cultural attractions. Throughout the villages of the area, you will find traditional Sasak handicraft artisans, with products that include black terracotta and basketry weaving. Not far away is the town of Kotaraja, a well-known location in Lombok to see traditional Sasak stick fighting. There is also a long tradition of producing forged blacksmith tools in the area.

While parents may enjoy shopping for local souvenirs such as pottery or bamboo crafts, a trip to this part of Lombok is equally fun for your kids. In Tetebatu itself, children can learn how to make their own pottery products from clay. The clay is found high up on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, and is used for all kinds of pottery work. Besides trying to make your own ceramics, you can also turn your hand to painting them as well. We understand that these items are too fragile to bring home, so we suggest donating them to local villagers.

For those interested to learn more about Indonesian cuisine, we also offer various culinary experiences, such as a cooking class at a local family home situated amongst beautiful green rice fields. During the class, you and your children will get to cook up several traditional dishes with a local Lombok flair!


If someone in the family wants to take part in a more energetic pastime, there are also some wonderful cycling and hiking trails in the area. The beauty of Tetebatu is that whatever the activity, it can be done close by. This means that members of your family can enjoy different things and then meet up for lunch or dinner.

For more information on family experiences in Lombok and other locations in Indonesia, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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