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The perfect day with our home-stay in Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Kandy is a beautiful city that still retains touches of its colonial history. The city is deep in Sri Lanka’s rainforest hills, yet full of traditions and history. It’s also home to the Temple of the Tooth. This is Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist temple, and one of the holiest places for all Buddhists in the entire world. The tooth was brought to Sri Lanka some 1600 years ago, first to Anuradhapura where the kings lived. After all other kingdoms fell, the tooth came to Kandy, the last kingdom. That was in 1592.

When we entered the temple, we were surrounded by people dressed in white and carrying flowers as offerings. We slipped off our shoes, and popped Conor in the carrier, and went inside. Both Danny and I walked in silence as we did not want to disrupt those there to worship. Our guide told us all about the procession of the Tooth, and how that happens late summer. It sounds like such a magical time to be in Kandy, we might just have to come back sometime in the future to experience it.

While in Kandy we stayed at the Ellerton Bungalow. The view from our garden chalet was sublime. During our afternoon tea on the balcony, the birds perched and sang as a cool breeze blew in from the hills. The charming hosts, Luca and Iromi, made the stay unforgettable: that evening, Luca took us on a stroll through the estate and showed us his gardens, tea trees, and main house. They had a highchair arranged for Conor and prepared an exquisite dinner. Since Ellerton is situated in the hills, the evening temperature is much cooler: no air conditioning is needed. With the cool breeze through the windows, we all had a pleasant night’s rest.

Waking up in such a magical place, I was excited to be celebrating our three year anniversary in Sri Lanka!  It was a special day, as Danny surprised me by working with the Khiri team to plan an amazing day. We started off with a visit to a local homestay. After visiting the local market, Danny got busy with the cooks in the kitchen.

They used a ‘miris gala’, an ancient stone grinder, along with a traditional firewood stove. Danny made all the curries in clay pots. It was a pleasant happenstance, that the family we were visiting also had a 2-year old grandchild. Conor quickly made a new friend and shared toys and books. We all sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal; you could taste the love put into making all those curries. I hope Danny remembered a few of those secret recipes to bring back home. I was glad I saved a little room, as they brought out a decadent chocolate cake to celebrate our anniversary.

With our bellies full, we headed off to what I thought was a tour of the famous cemetery in Kandy. Surprise! When we showed up, I learned that our family would be receiving a blessing from the high monk. As Danny and I sat side by side, and Conor on my lap, the ceremony began. When the blessing ended, the monk tied white string bracelets around our right-hand wrists. The string represents protection and well-being to those who are blessed. We headed back to our hotel, where we were greeted by a bottle of champagne and a gorgeous flower arrangement.  We ended our anniversary night enjoying a delectable dinner while a local flutist, who was brought in by Luca. As he serenaded us, Danny and Conor swayed to the music. I sat back and took in how special this whole day was: Sri Lanka was truly a magical place.

One of the benefits of traveling with a destination management company (DMC) is the flexibility of planning the perfect day for you and your family. Danny made our three year anniversary unforgettable. If you have any questions about planning the perfect getaway to Sri Lanka, please send us a message at Khiri North America.

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