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The Hidden Beauty of Bagan

September 18, 2019 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

Although Bagan is among Myanmar’s most popular destinations, there are many beautiful ruins and villages in the region that visitors rarely get to see. At Khiri Travel our knowledge of Bagan enables us to offer travelers an alternative experience; leaving behind busy temple sites to discover the spectacular grandeur of monuments in less-traveled areas, or at times when no one else is about.

The Mandalay Region has a vibrant village life where communities have followed the same traditions for centuries. In the afternoon, travel with Khiri to Minnanthu village near Old Bagan, a place that is more popular with frequent visitors to Myanmar looking for a fresh perspective.

This is a beautifully peaceful part of Myanmar’s dry zone, where the temple ruins are often completely deserted. Lying just east of Bagan, Minnanthu village is in an agricultural area that specializes in the production of peanut and sesame oil and has some interesting attractions, like its cow-driven seed grinders.

Close by is Tayoke Pyay Temple, a large structure built in the second half of the 13th century by Narathihapate, the last king of the Bagan Empire. Tayoke Pyay has one of the best examples of stucco moulding from the period and it is also possible to climb the shrine’s steps to catch the last rays of the sun as it sets over Bagan’s temple spires.

Blissfully untouched by the mass tourism, traveling to Minnanthu is like opening a window onto Bagan’s past – a place where the modern world can be well and truly left behind. 

Khiri Travel offers a memorable afternoon picnic experience in Minnanthu surrounded by a picturesque rural scene of rice fields. Sitting under the shade of a large tree, you will be served a specially prepared luncheon. Visits to several temple sights can be arranged before are after your al fresco experience.

Return to Old Bagan and prepare for a tour of the ancient ruins after sunset – a magical time when there are no distractions and the cool of the evening allows for thoughtful contemplation and appreciation of the awe-inspiring architecture of this once powerful kingdom.

Enter the extraordinary Ananda Temple and one other lesser-known temple, when very few people are around and the light of the moon shines luminescent on these buildings’ ancient walls. The mystical grandeur of Ananda comes into its own as dusk falls and the heat of the day subsides.

The experience is not complete without sampling some local refreshments and snacks, purveyed by vendors that emerge at dusk. Join the local people as they leave their homes in the evening for a bite to eat, and experience Bagan as it should be – a place of true peace and serenity.

For more information about tours in Bagan and other Myanmar experiences get in touch with us at: [email protected].

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