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Tailor-made Tours Highlight Myanmar

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Before 2010, Myanmar was an exclusive tourism destination that attracted few international tourists. Travel to this land of golden pagodas, regarded as one of the most exotic destinations in Asia, was not common. The choice of hotels was limited, access to certain areas of the country was restricted and the scope of activities was restrained.

Today, with twelve daily flights between Bangkok and Yangon, and the opening of overland border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar into regions that were once considered remote, there are many new and exciting ways to discover Myanmar. Accommodations are now widely available and tourism infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace. Khiri Travel Myanmar maintains that planning interactions with the local population is one of the key elements of a trip through Southeast Asia’s most authentic country. Here are some highlights of our “Best of the Best Tour” that aims to bring together a thoroughly genuine travel experience coupled with the finest services available.

things to do at Shwedagon - Yangon - Myanmar

We pride ourselves on creating unique and tailor-made itineraries or private tours, especially, but not exclusively when it comes to high-end travel and special requests for Myanmar. Excursions are one part of the experience, such as the glittering gold of Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Khiri Travel Myanmar’s signature tours. The optimum way to experience this cultural champion of the country is on our back door tour. We immerse your travelers in the daily rituals of Myanmar life that surrounds Shwedagon in the colorful markets, the people’s homes and the monasteries as well as the pagoda’s main platform’s exquisite architecture and spiritual enclaves.

For special celebrations such as honeymoons or milestone anniversaries, we can arrange private tours such as a special evening blessing ceremony by monks surrounded by the golden magnificence of the pagoda and 1000 glowing candles. This is truly an impressive and unrivalled experience that shows how Khiri offers unique trips of Myanmar illustrating the difference between a typical tourist visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda and actually experiencing the cultural significance of this iconic landmark.

Our choice for a hotel is the colonial elegance of the Strand, Yangon’s premier hotel. We would like to indulge your travelers with dinner at Le Planteur, Yangon’s finest dining venue. Set in a beautiful garden by the water in the tastefully renovated historic building, travelers can enjoy an unforgettable dining event. We can also add a tour that includes some pampering and souvenir shopping in Yangon including lunch at another of the city’s best restaurants serving fresh organic vegetables and locally made French cheese and ham.

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things to do at Inle Lake - Food - Myanmar

things to do at Inle Lake - Boat - food - Myanmar

Upcountry, far away from the country’s commercial hub, Khiri Travel Myanmar has equally impressive experiences for travelers. Either by private jet in Myanmar or domestic airline, travelers can tour the country’s top destinations such as Inle Lake and Bagan for more exclusive adventures. For example, we can arrange a special Shan cuisine cooking class followed by lunch on a private boat in Inle Lake. Of course, a visit to the lake is not complete without a hot air balloon ride over the spectacular views of the Inle Lake in the early morning, when the sun rises behind the Shan mountains.

Bagan is the former capital of the first Myanmar kingdom. Imagine a private, candlelight dinner set amidst a quiet temple’s ancient architecture—truly a magical experience. Likewise a balloon ride over Bagan offers an incomparable view over this vast area of temples and pagodas deserted centuries ago by their royal inhabitants.

For your enquiries regarding tailor-made itineraries and private tours of Myanmar, please leave your contact information in the yellow space below.

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