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Touring Undiscovered Attractions near Vientiane

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Here are some ideas on how to explore the secrets of this laid back capital city involving taste buds, lively night markets and scenic riverside temples.

Vientiane is by far the smallest of all Southeast Asian capital cities. With a population of only 760,000 inhabitants, Vientiane has a calmer, more relaxed feel. The small town atmosphere and the laid back behavior of the locals and long term inhabitants defines the Lao Feel of Vientiane.

Vientiane, pronounced Vienchan, has attractions to offer not only to budget hungry backpackers but also to cater to sophisticated foodie buffs and culture enthusiasts. More and more visitors are looking for that hidden treasure of capital secrets left undiscovered in this capital city. Or at least the ones, which are not on everyone’s travel map.

For years now, Vientiane´s diverse restaurant and bar scene have been developing to become one of Southeast Asia´s best source of insider tips. With a range of establishments combining unique Laotian cuisine with that of its neighbors, menus are a fusion of Vietnamese, Thai and French foods blended into Lao classics like green papaya and mango salads as well as larb, the famous minced meat and vegetable dish. These recipes will tempt the taste buds of your travelers and provide a refreshing meal after a long day touring around on foot, bike or tuk-tuk.

Maneuvering across Vientiane is a relatively easy endeavor. In our opinion, cycling from the famous temples to the capital’s landmarks and returning in the evening to the lively night market is a great option to plan for a full day.

For the upcoming high season, Khiri Travel Laos is focusing on developing options to bring your clients closer to the local community. We can arrange a visit to the Lao Disabled Woman’s Development Center or one of our recommended handicraft livelihood projects. These kinds of encounters promote sustainable travel and introduce your travelers to an authentic view of local life. Visitors can even get hands-on experience learning how to make Laos’ famous handicrafts.

Your clients should also plan to explore the countryside. Khiri Travel Laos is happy to provide your guests with our newly developed “Signature Experience” to explore the “Undiscovered Temples of Vientiane.” This new tour can be made by bicycle or minivan riding out of the city along the Mekong River. Traffic and urban buildings will fade away to be replaced by local farmhouses, rice paddies and free-ranging cattle.

En route to our first temple, we will stop at a local market to buy refreshments. We will also purchase items common for making merit at the local Buddhist temple, Wat Tham Pa. The temple is beautifully situated on the Mekong where you can see its counterpart on the Thai side of the river. After your travelers feel replenished and have soaked up the scenery, we will continue a little further to our second stop. Wat Tham Pha Korkma, or the stable temple, is a great place to gain a better understanding of our Buddhist culture and religion.

On our way back, we take a slightly different route passing through smaller local villages surrounding green rice paddies in the area of Nong Thevavda. By now, everyone will be ready to stop for lunch. The guide will help bridge the language divide and explain the traditions of the offered food. Your clients will return to their hotel in the early afternoon.

We hope to welcome your guests to enjoy some capital secrets in Vientiane. For more information about an itinerary to Vientiane and the other top destinations of this intriguing country, please contact [email protected].

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