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Trailblazing and Finding New Routes in Myanmar for 2020

January 23, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , , ,

2020 is starting off on the right foot with new adventures in store for our travelers. Khiri Travel Myanmar has many travel products in the pipeline alongside partnerships with new local-boutique hotels opening their doors. As they are aligned with our core values, many of these local purveyors are also dedicated to developing their local community: our guests can rest assured as they immerse themselves in the local Burmese lifestyle, their patronage will positively impact these rural towns! We are very excited to share these lesser-known destinations with all of you as we continue expanding our passion for discovery.

From the history and culture buffs to the active explorers who want to get dirt on their shoes, our new activities have something for everyone.

Little Bagan


Unknown to most tourists and guide books, just one and a half hours south of Bagan, there is a quaint agrarian town that will take you back to the traditional-rural-Myanmar roots. This village is named Pakannge which literally means “little Bagan”. In the charming village of Salay, visit the ancient temples and monasteries while learning how Buddhism spread in the region. Many people seem to think that the fantastic mysteries and legends surrounding these landmarks come from Theravada Buddhism: our guide will explain how traditional Buddhism had to combine with animist and shamanist beliefs to take root in Southeast Asia. This two-day extension program that will go off the beaten path to discover the rustic beauty of the Myanmar countryside.

Kawkun cave


For our active visitors, we are launching new cycling routes in Hpa An, a town six hours from Yangon. The trails offer beautiful scenic routes that pass through traditional hamlets and waterways surrounded by spectacular limestone mountains. Pedal parallel to rice paddies and venture into the various caves showcasing Buddhist relics. With bats and stalactites overhead, marvel at the natural beauty of the caves. As we hop off our bike, we will continue aboard a boat that cruises through the caves and along the rice fields!

Outdoor nature lovers will also be thrilled to roam the area between Inle Lake and Loikaw as it hasn’t been fully discovered by foreign visitors. We are proud to introduce our premiere trekking program in this area. Hike through the three lakes in the Shan state and relax with leisurely boat cruises in the afternoon. Our four-day journey alternates between the peaks and valleys in this region. On mountain-tops with beautiful views overlooking the lake to the lake-side villages passing by plantations, paddy fields, and pristine bamboo forests, get lost in the untapped Myanmar wilderness. Along the way, we will pay a visit to the secluded Shan tribes and villages. Strolling through the remote Pa O villages, we will have a chance to see pagodas rarely accessible to outsiders.

The area between Inle Lake and Loikaw


Whether arriving or departing from Yangon, don’t miss out on our new food tours. Our pre-selected venues and menus take the guesswork out of exploring local fare and help you find your favorite Burmese dishes. Myanmar cuisine is a colorful blend of flavors, spices, and textures drawing from over 135 ethnic groups and neighboring countries such as India, Thailand, and China. As we sample various appetizers, soups, and main dishes prepared at the best mom and pop shops, you will gain an appreciation of the different traditional styles within Burmese food. The Khiri Travel Myanmar team wishes all of you a happy and prosperous new year. We’re ready to show you new adventures moving ahead in 2020!

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