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Travel to the Land Where Time Stood Still

November 5, 2015 by Khiri Travel |

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Nat Ma Taung National Park, named for one of the Myanmar’s highest mountains, is one of the least visited sites in Myanmar. Located in the remote interior of Chin State, this region of the country is actually bordered on each side by two popular tourist destinations: the ancient capitals of Bagan to the east in the Mandalay Region and Mrauk U to the west in Rakhine State.

Nat Ma Taung is the Burmese name for Mt. Victoria, a stunning mountain peak rising over 2000 meters above the surrounding countryside. Nat Ma Taung’s unique alpine ecosystem consists of no less than 159 bird species, while reptiles, butterflies and a variety of rare plants will fascinate your travelers interested in unique flora and fauna.

A trip to Mt. Victoria begins and ends in Bagan, including a full day traveling by jeep in each direction. Alternatively, Khiri Travel Myanmar has just recently developed a 7-day itinerary of supreme adventure via a route starting in Bagan and leading through Nat Ma Taung National Park across the hills of Chin State ending in Mrauk U.

Chin State is truly one of the last frontiers for exploration in a country that recently started opening formerly restricted areas to tourism. Overland travel maps through Chin State show traditional roads only go so far and continuing on through the Chin Hills is accessible only on foot or motorbike. In this forgotten part of Myanmar, time stood still such that modern day facilities like telephone, electricity, Internet and running water must be left behind during this travel route.

The accommodations in local houses are very basic but provide mosquito nets, sleeping mats and blankets. Bathroom facilities are either at a communal village well or in the river. The food is rice, noodles and local foods prepared by the guides. What this itinerary lacks in creature comforts, however, is more than compensated with amazing scenery, opportunities for cultural exchange and memorable photographs. There are the colorful hill tribe people, old women with tattooed faces, traditional villages, sweeping plantations, dense jungle and deep river valleys.

For more information on travel opportunities to Nat Ma Taung National Park, Mt. Victoria, the Chin Hills and overland travel between Bagan and Mrauk U, please contact to [email protected]

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