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Vietnam’s Breathtaking Beauty: Halong Bay and Son Doong Cave

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Vietnam is a country of supreme beauty and arresting cultural appeal. This stellar corner of Southeast Asia should be on the top of your client’s list for its breathtaking natural landscapes as well as its energetic cities and historic seaside towns. At Khiri Travel Vietnam, we would like to highlight two UNESCO World Heritage destinations that we consider the best of things to do while showcasing the incomparable beauty of Vietnam: Halong Bay in North Vietnam and Son Doong Cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (PNKB).

things to do at Halong Bay - Vietnam

A great way to explore the rugged tranquility of Halong Bay is by air. Our team in Hanoi can arrange a flight by seaplane from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay that takes only half an hour. This scenic flyover of Halong Bay gives your travelers the opportunity to see an absolutely fantastic panorama what covers the entire bay and surrounding mountains.

PNKB National Park in central Vietnam has vaulted onto the stage of international attention as the location of a huge underground cavity containing the largest subterranean cave in the world. Discovered by a local man 24 years ago, the expanse of the cave system was not fully discovered and explored until 2009.

Son Doong Cave, meaning “mountain river cave,” was created millions of years ago in the world’s oldest karst mountains by an underground river and waterfalls coursing through the cave. Only in the last few years since commercial tours have become available have jaw-dropping images emerged showing the towering chambers of this cave system. Son Doong is now a prime tourism destination in Vietnam.

Guests who ask you what to do in Vietnam will be thankful for your recommendation of this amazing new nature adventure. Khiri Travel Vietnam can arrange expeditions to Son Doong Cave with weekly departures. We advise you to book in advance for your clients as this is a popular tour and there are strict limitations of ten guests per departure.

More than 25 porters and safety experts are there to guide travelers during the 7-day tour of the entire cave system. There is also an opportunity to visit members of an ethnic minority who live deep in the jungle of this densely forested national park and “mountain river cave.”

For more information on how to book these exciting tours to Halong Bay and Son Doong Cave, please contact at [email protected]

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