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Vietnam Values Wellness

October 5, 2016 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

The notion of wellness in Vietnam is expanding from a traditional cultural value for daily exercise to include new resorts & spas for wellness retreats.

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Although Vietnam is not particularly regarded as a wellness destination, it’s worth mentioning how important wellness and wellbeing are valued in traditional Vietnamese society. Taking care of one’s health is a priority for which daily exercise is vital. In the early morning or early evening it is common to find groups of people engaged in exercise routines in city parks, especially near lakes or other natural areas and often choreographed or accompanied by catchy music. These parks are packed with people between 5 to 7am and 5:30 to 7:30pm (around sunset) performing the graceful moves of tai chi, yoga poses, group aerobics or even salsa dancing.

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We invite your clients to try our “Explore Hanoi Like a Local” signature tour where our first stop of the day in the early morning is at Hoan Kiem Lake. This scenic natural landscape inspires the locals to come outside and commence the day meditating, doing yoga or practicing synchronized tai chi movements. We always encourage the clients to join as the locals are friendly and love to welcome visitors.

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When it comes to accommodation, Vietnam has experienced an upsurge in building resorts with a focus on wellness. The tranquility of ocean front rooms or deluxe garden views promote a restful atmosphere while luxurious spa treatments beckon weary travelers looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. Central Vietnam has been leading the wellness movement as many hotels in the area include a generous menu of spa treatments, yoga or Pilates sessions in the room rate and encourage their guests to schedule wellness treatments into their itineraries. This concept of inclusive spa services makes a trip feel more relaxing, exclusive and memorable.


For more information about booking a wellness retreat in Vietnam or combining some relaxation in a larger sightseeing adventure, please contact to [email protected]

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