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Wellness Thai Style

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Visitors to Thailand can indulge in a wonderful array of spa treatments to promote wellness such as Thai massage or a simple, but relaxing foot massage.

Thailand has become a leading wellness retreat and spa destination. Earning itself the unofficial title of “Spa Capital of Asia”, Thailand is able to deliver the winning combination of relaxing atmosphere, warm hospitality and top quality service. Every area of Thailand has spas or therapists with a soft touch and a friendly personality ready to offer a relaxing and rejuvenating wellness experience.

Thai wellness specialties include an array of traditional treatments. The most well known spa treatment is traditional Thai massage, a healing art that is thousands of years old and was once associated with Buddhist spirituality. Another famous and uniquely Thai spa therapy involves the use of fragrant herbs wrapped in soft cotton, steamed, and then gently pressed on the body. It is commonly referred to as Thai herbal compress which, when applied to the body, transfers the herbal essential oils and heat to healing. Another time-honored, wellness spa treatment is Thai foot massage. This popular massage treatment achieves a heightened state of relaxation by applying varying amounts of pressure to the feet, but also calves, thighs, and sometimes even the head and shoulders.

Other spa treatments involve promoting mindfulness and relaxation through meditation and yoga or Pilates sessions. Some spas offer peaceful outdoor settings such as sunset at the beach or the serenity of nature to enhance a meditation or yoga experience.

For information on how to include comfortable and curative spa treatments into your client’s Thailand itinerary, please contact to [email protected]

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