Educational Travel

At Khiri Travel we believe in creating valuable encounters between locals and visitors of all age ranges. Student or educational travel can boost cross-cultural understandings in a memorable way. This type of travel can bring a lot of benefits to both foreign students and local communities in Southeast Asia. Whether travelers are young or old, educational travel imparts great benefits to all involved.

What really sets educational travel apart from generic leisure travel is the focus on the subjects students follow in their curriculum at home. Often travel programs complement the research students are undertaking in Europe or the United States. Besides visiting highlight locations in Southeast Asia, Khiri creates a connection between international students and the destinations they visit. We organize interactions at hospitals, community-based tourism projects, schools, local enterprises, our own offices, charity organizations, and government bodies. We allow our visitors to actively contribute to the places they visit by encouraging volunteer activities such as planting trees, painting a school building, helping farmers in the field, or practicing languages.

In the yellow sidebar on the right of this page you can find a portfolio with information on past groups that Khiri Travel was requested to handle in different countries. We hope it will give you a more tangible idea of possible programs in which we are able to assist you.

Benefits of Educational Travel with Khiri: 

  • – Crafting lifetime experiences
    – True encounters & unique activities
  • – Cooperation between organizations and countries
  • – Guides interacting on a social level
  • – Research trips to ensure safety
  • – Help local people make a sustainable living
  • – Collaborate with flexible, resourceful & passionate teams
For more information on educational travel and the services Khiri Travel can deliver, please send us an email at [email protected] or directly to the country in which you are interested.