Glass Water Bottles in Hotels
To help travelers set the right example and to decrease their carbon footprint, we encourage acting on ways to minimize waste. Can you imagine a world where travelers reject the wastefulness of using disposable plastic water bottles? Following is a growing overview of hotels in Indonesia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam that actively seek to reduce, reuse and recycle by offering water to guests in glass bottles or by offering filtered tap water to their guests.


Travelers Against Plastic
Khiri Travel supports TAP Travelers Against Plastic – a United States based non-profit organization. TAP aims to educate travelers on the importance of using reusable water containers instead of buying and using plastic bottles. It is better for the traveler, the people they visit and for the planet.


Plant A Tree Today
Plant A Tree Today (PATT) is a UK registered charity and a Thailand Foundation operating throughout the Southeast Asia region. PATT initiates, develops and manages large-scale reforestation projects countering deforestation and climate change.