Khiri Incentives

Khiri Travel specializes in delivering incentive travel experiences at a wide range of price points, from community-based tourism and city escapes to Indochina immersions and big highlights (such as Angkor) done right. Every incentive tour is customized and individualized, so that each client returns home with an experience that has fulfilled or succeeded its pre-event promise.

Our team of incentive-specialists is able to cater to all your needs — whether it’s a conference on a private jet on the way from Bangkok to Siem Reap or a wedding in one of our preferred hotels.

A comprehensive range of unique locations is available. How about dinner on a private island? Afternoon tea in a royal palace? A picnic lunch amidst World Heritage ruins? There are so many exciting things that Khiri Incentives can deliver.

Khiri Travel’s incentive specialists make the most of the innate hospitality that grows from deep cultural roots across the Greater Mekong Region. We combine that charming hospitality with clever use of the latest infrastructure and transport options to deliver the perfect incentive trip.

Embark on a helicopter to tour over ancient Angkorian temples. Watch your hot air lanterns rise into the night sky from a tropical beach. Join the famed Inle Lake leg rowers in the Intha boat race. Or go on a private caving expedition in the karst mountains of northern Vietnam.

With Khiri Incentives the opportunities are almost endless.

Why Khiri Incentives:

  • – Crafting lifetime experiences
  • – True encounters
  • – Unique activities
  • – Special activity requests handled
  • – Incentive solutions for many different budgets
  • – Help local people make a sustainable living
  • – 20 years’ experience