Laos Sunset

Mekong River

Laos Sunset

Tuk Tuk, Laos

Tuk Tuk, Laos

Walking trip at Vang Vieng, Laos

Walking trip at Vang Vieng, Laos

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Chris - Khiri Travel Laos - Country Manager

Welcome to Laos!

During my first stay in Laos in 2009, I fell in love with the country. From the slow paced capital of Vientiane, I started to explore a country that ended up captivating me. After a couple of months back in Europe, I realized that my future was back in Asia in this beautiful, often overlooked destination.

Laos is a beguiling place where travelers will want to discover every little corner of this landlocked country. After seeing the tourist hotspots of Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Vang Vieng, there are destinations so far away from mass tourism that it’s easy to be without any other travelers for days. From trips to the far north in Phongsali Province all the way south to the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail along the Vietnamese border there are so many places most travelers miss by limiting their time to a short stay in Luang Prabang. Laos is still relatively undiscovered on the world radar and is a perfect environment for those travelers who have a passion for untamed destinations.

From the spectacular mountains in the north, home to dozens of different ethnic minorities down to the 4000 Islands near the Cambodian border, Laos is a place that can easily engage adventurous customers for three weeks of travel time. The most memorable highlights are the people themselves. Lao hospitality is legendary and is famous for greeting weary travelers with a genuine smile and a cold Beer Lao.

My personal favorite destination in Laos is the caves hidden in the mountains of Viengxay in Houaphan Province. These caves were used as hideouts by the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party as shelter from American bombardment during the second Indochina War. Access to this special place is a bit time consuming but explored by very few foreign tourists. Come and see Laos for yourself!

Christopher Gramsch

General Manager



Meet the team

Our core team comprises 13 full-time staff spread across Khiri Travel Laos’ offices in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Pakse. The vast majority of our team members are Lao with one German in the mix. Other than Lao, our team members can speak English and German.

This Laos team is composed of many long-term staff members that have developed great relationships from close cooperation with other people throughout the country.

One of our favorite Lao guides, Mr. Somphong Sakdy, is the author of a book on the murals of Wat Xieng Thong temple and is now working on his second book about the murals of Wat Mai. Both temples are in Somphong’s hometown of Luang Prabang. In 2011, Somphong was nominated as one of only two guides from Laos to represent his country in the first ASEAN Tourist Guide Contest. He is the number one guide chosen by historians and museum enthusiasts interested in heritage trips through Laos.


The trip was an absolute dream!! Our guides were all warm and wonderful people who bore and responded to our numerous questions creating an experience to enjoy ourselves and learn.

- Pam | Netherlands

About Laos

In 1353 a prince founded the Kingdom of Lan Xang—‘The Kingdom of a Million Elephants.’ The wild landscape of Laos still echoes the romance of the country’s original name. Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, with nearly three-quarters of its landmass covered in mountains and forested hills. National parks comprise 13% of the country, and Laos’ unofficial reputation is that of the being most laid back country in Southeast Asia.

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