Green Season in Southeast Asia

10 Reasons why Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are at their best between April and September.

Travelers are sometimes hesitant to book a trip to Southeast Asia between April and September. It is believed that the rain might spoil the holiday. Not so. At Khiri Travel we believe April to September is the time when many Indochina destinations are at their best.

Here we list a few destinations in the region that are well visited in the ‘green season’. And the best part, you will be one of the few that is able to make recommendations to clients, allowing them a unique experience that few travelers will have access to.

Visit in the Green Season






Learn about Khiri Travel’s list of 10 reasons why people should travel to Southeast Asia during the green season:

1.) Landscapes and paddy fields are at their best — green and bright! Even dry and dusty destinations in the winter, such as Bagan and Northeast Thailand, have turned green.
2.) Comfortable temperatures in the day time — not too hot; the sun is not shining the whole day, and it’s not too cold (e.g. in the hills in Shan state – Myanmar, or Luang Prabang in Laos). So travelers can leave their winter clothes at home.
3.) Space to breathe — no queuing at sights, no hordes of tourists walking in front of guests’ cameras spoiling that unique photo moment.
4.) Affordable — visitors benefit from avoiding the high, peak and New Year surcharges or compulsory Christmas dinners.
5.) Choice — receive confirmation for the hotel and room type that your clients request, not just any available option.
6.) Personalized service — hotel and restaurant staff are not too busy and can take extra care of your clients. They’ve recovered from the peak season, have spent some time with their families, and are back at their best.
7.) More spontaneous moments — if it rains for a short while and your clients find themself sheltering from the rain as all the locals do, they can make the best out of it as this is often the best time to talk to the locals.
8.) Discover ingenuity – no people on earth know how to repair and recycle umbrellas like the people of Myanmar do; it’s something unique that can only be found in the green season.
9.) Dramatic pictures — blue skies, brilliant sunshine and green vegetation make for great picture opportunities, almost like a painting. The air is softer and cleaner and there are often dramatic sunset clouds at sundowner time.
10.) If these nine reasons still don’t convince you, the last one will. In Upper Myanmar and Laos it only rains, on average, every other day during the green season. Central Vietnam sees almost no rain at all. And when it does rain it is mostly at beer o’clock — the right time to sit back, have a drink and watch the rain pass by.

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