Khiri North America

Khiri Travel North America first opened its doors in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, in 2012, before moving its office in 2015 to downtown Denver, next to the historic Union Station. An extension of Khiri Travel’s business in Asia, our North American office helps to expand the reach and accessibility of Khiri Travel to our American trade partners.

In keeping with Khiri Travel’s core values of sustainability and sharing our passion for discovery, Khiri Travel North America is committed to crafting detailed itineraries and unique trips, guided by our intimate knowledge of the Asian region’s people, geography and culture.

Our partners can expect all-encompassing service from both sides of the globe with offices in Asia and North America. Our destinations have become some of the most sought-after locations to travel in the world because of the exotic and enchanting cultures, people and places of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

With our North American office being in closer proximity to our partners, we are able to ease the burden of communication across different time zones; facilitate in-office product training; destination webinars; as well as brainstorm ideas, and take part in many other real-time enterprises.

Khiri’s commitment to sustainability and our passion for outdoor adventure also resonates with Colorado’s pristine landscape, noted for its stunning mountains, forests, high plains, canyons, and rivers.

At Khiri Travel, our mission is to be the champion of the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Our North American team is helping us to do just that.

Khiri USA calls Denver, CO its home.

Michael Healy

General Manager at Khiri Travel North America

Michael played a key role in setting up Khiri Travel’s first North American office in 2012, and continues to be a driving force in extending our reach into the vast North American Market. After college Michael embarked on an ambitious backpacking journey through Southeast Asia and South America – an adventure that inspired him to turn traveling into a career. His passion for nature and the outdoors makes him the perfect person to lead our North American office and communicate Khiri Travel’s message to our American trade partners.

Mariah Klekner

Account Manager

Mariah has always had a fascination and interest in anthropology. After returning home from a two-year stint volunteering with the Peace Corps, she headed to Southeast Asia where she traveled extensively. She eventually ended up in Bali, where she spent mornings studying yoga and afternoons exploring rural villages by bicycle. Returning home, she never forgot her unique experiences of the region and the people she encountered – like the warmth and hospitality of the people of Myanmar, or the stunning beauty of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, a place etched in her heart, where she became engaged! Maria Joined the North America team in 2016 and is thrilled to be working with a company that fosters the same ideals she has for responsible and sustainable travel.

Khiri Travel North America Sales Office

Address: 1616 17th Street, Suite 267 Denver, Colorado, USA 80202

Tel: +1 (303) 228-3152

Email: [email protected]