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Brett was born in Perth and moved to Sydney after completing his Finance Degree. Like many Aussies he moved to London where he decided hotels were more interesting, so he enrolled in a Hotel Management course. Several years later he returned to Australia and landed a job with what was then the airport authority. Responsible for secondary airports he would often travel from his Sydney base to relieve the Finance and Commercial Managers where he got to witness first-hand the beauty of his own country. Travels to India while owning a Spice shop, acting in Chinese Soap operas while teaching English in Hong Kong led him to a stint as a Tour Leader for an adventure tour operator. Based in Asia this for the best part of the 21st century, Brett was drawn to Khiri Travel due the strong emphasis on people and planet. Brett is Group Product Manager and working alongside the various teams in each destination hopes your journey to Asia will be truly memorable and leave a lasting impact on you and the people you meet along your adventure.