Plant A Tree Today

Plant A Tree Today (PATT) is a UK registered charity and a Thailand Foundation operating throughout the Southeast Asia region. PATT initiates, develops and manages large-scale reforestation projects countering deforestation and climate change.

Forests are an important contributor to the quality of our air and water, to our food chain, and last but not least to our enjoyment. A tree can store between 500kg to 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime (40 years) this is equivalent to what a round-trip Hanoi – Phuket for one traveler emits.

At Khiri Travel we consider it our responsibility to compensate for the greenhouse emissions we produce. Therefore each year in April, Khiri plants mangrove trees at Samutprakarn in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand to compensate our emissions from the past year.

Despite their smelly reputation, mangrove forests play an important role in acting as spawning and nursery areas for many species. They absorb more carbon dioxide per unit area than ocean phytoplankton, a critical factor in global climate stability. They maintain water quality and clarity, filtering pollutants and trapping sediments originating from land. They not only play multiple ecological functions essential to their surrounding habitats, but are also an important resource for coastal communities.

What we at Khiri Travel do is just a small part of what can be done to contribute to better air quality and reduce global warming. As this topic concerns all of us please find out more about PATT and what we as travel organizations and travelers can do to become a more responsible industry.

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