Sustainability Policies at Khiri Travel

At Khiri Travel we are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner. Khiri Travel aims to maximize the positive effects of tourism on individuals and local communities, while minimizing negative social, environmental and economic impacts. Our company strongly advocates that sustainability is no longer a luxury, but a must-do so we leave a world that is livable for our children. Responsible travel practices are at the core of our product development and operations. We have also made a firm commitment towards social and environmental sustainability throughout our supply chain. Our Sustainability Policies describe in more detail how we put this commitment into practice.

Animal Welfare
There are many opportunities for travelers to view or interact with animals in the countries in which Khiri Travel operates. Such experiences can raise awareness for the plight of these animals under pressure from diminishing habitats. These travel experiences can also create interest in supporting rehabilitation and conservation efforts and thereby increase animal protection.

Practices Towards Employees
Khiri’s vision of “Sharing our Passion for Discovery” encompasses the company’s collective inspiration, outlook, and culture. While the customer is central in our organization, it is our staff that leads the company on its mission to be the leading brand in quality tourism in Asia. Khiri Travel does not regard co-workers and management as “human resources”, but rather as individual human beings. Our Core Values bind us as a coherent group of humans and our Code of Conduct defines our work ethics.