Human Resources Policy

Khiri’s vision of “Sharing our Passion for Discovery” encompasses the company’s collective inspiration, outlook, and culture.
While the customer is central in our organization, it is our staff that leads the company on its mission to be the leading brand in quality tourism in Asia.
Khiri Travel does not regard co-workers and management as “human resources”, but rather as individual human beings. OurCore Values bind us as a coherent group of humans and our Code of Conduct defines our work ethics.

In practical terms all Khiri Travel ventures adhere at a minimum to the following principals:

Khiri Travel aims to provide its staff with a safe and inspiring working environment. We believe in developing an atmosphere of peer support through which we encourage personal development.

We support personal development through regular opportunities to attend trainings and transparent chances for promotion across the company. Opportunities are also made available to students and interns.

At Khiri Travel we respect the importance of family. The company offers schemes for maternity leave and provides medical insurance for employees as per their contract conditions.

Khiri Travel opposes all forms of forced labor within its offices and within its supply chain. Additionally, we do not employ minors and adhere to the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Khiri Travel does not tolerate discrimination in terms of gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, religion/beliefs or sexual orientation. Additionally, employees enjoy the right to representation by trade unions and to make complaints to the management without fear of reprisal.

All staff members have a written employment contract that includes labor conditions, a description of duties, details of annual leave and overtime.

Additionally, employees receive periodic guidance and training in Health and Safety and first aid kits are available at all offices.

Lastly, Khiri Travel embraces social and environmental sustainability and aims for its employees to embrace this agenda through training and education.