Testimonial 106

July 10, 2014 by | Filed Under:

Dear Bong Linda,

Julie and I cannot thank you enough for organizing yet another perfect expedition for Global Explorers.  Not only do we trust you to provide the highest quality of service, but we really love working with someone who we consider a friend now.  You are extremely easy to work with and I know we do not always have the easiest requests!

Linda, I also find it invaluable to have you join us almost as a second guide on portions of our programs.  I have needed your support many times (almost every hour of the day!), but perhaps more importantly the students absolutely love having you as part of our group.  You go out of your way to welcome each of them and make them feel comfortable and help take care of any unexpected needs, and many of them leave with a great friend they hope to see again.

We feel lucky each year to work with the best Travel Manager in Asia and the best travel company in Asia!

Awkuhn chroen for everything this year Linda!

Shannon Hatmaker Moore
Global Explorers