Testimonial 11

September 20, 2013 by | Filed Under: Laos

We booked a holiday with your company back in Oct/Nov 2012. Whilst we were visiting Luang Prabang we had a tour guide called ‘La’ (Not sure if that is the correct spelling but it is how it was spoken) who took us for a boat trip up the river to a temple and caves and then back down the river whilst the sun set. He was a superb tour guide, and the best we had during our entire holiday. We got on extremely well with him and told him we would get in touch with him once we left, unfortunately with us being so busy we haven’t had the chance, and we also forgot to get his email address or facebook. I’m assuming you won’t be able to give out his personal information yourself but was hoping you would be able to pass on my email address to him so that if he wants to contact us he can?