Testimonial 131

November 27, 2014 by | Filed Under:

“Following an early breakfast, we were greeted by our guide Glee and escorted to a cushy van to make our way to Phuket Town. The drive usually takes just over half an hour and since we were visiting during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, we actually ended up in the middle of a religious procession heading from one temple to another. It might have slowed us down a bit, but it also gave us an opportunity to watch some of the customary rituals on the way. Once in Phuket Town we were off on foot to a visit shops, markets, restaurants, religious landmarks and cultural and historical points of significance.

Glee was a tremendous guide with a vast knowledge of the rich and diverse history and culture of Phuket. Along the way we grabbed some snacks, received a few gifts from Glee, purchased some souvenirs and took plenty of photos. The tour was taken at a comfortable pace with a clear direction. By the end we were amazed at how much we learned about the island of Phuket and the history of Phuket Town”