Testimonial 190

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Hello Els,

How are you,

A few days back we had to help a client from Global Bascamps who had a problem with the property (she was booked on) as it had too many stairs. With Wiwi we re-did her itinerary and found her a property of her liking. So a bad situation turned into a good one. We also met her and gave her some moral support as it is an elderly lady traveling by herself. She was so happy with the visit that even invited Wiwi for dinner!

Needles to say Global Basecamp already send a really nice thank letter to us.

Also note below the little message from the client, could be good for the website.

Her name is Lesley Blicker and she is from the US. This is her message.

“This is one of the two best “on the ground” or local office booking agents in the world. Wiwi and Gonzalo have been the best!”

Kind regards,