Testimonial 57

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Excursions: Variety demonstrating the historical and cultural aspects of life in Bangkok.  I would highly recommend all of them – allows one to get a greater sense of the breadth of what is available in Bangkok. Accommodations: Met my needs.  Loved their locations.  Staff gracious.  Staff awesome.  Great atmospheres!  Would stay at both of them again. Meals: Appreciated the restaurant Angela selected for my meal. .Great food, wonderful view, relaxing atmosphere. Breakfast at both hotels very nice. Guide Angela: Was professional in presentation yet personal in relating the events.  Responsive to my requests, my unofficial photographer, thoughtful of my needs, I would submit her name as one of two choices when visiting Bangkok, the other being the guide I had when I visited Bangkok in 2009.  She took a personal interest in me and hopefully I responded in kind to her. Angela reminded me of a butterfly – here, there, everywhere.  This individual can multi-task and in spite of being given a short time frame to execute my itinerary, she did it!  Traffic jams, line-ups, and inclement weather – she was able to successfully navigate all obstacles presented to her while at the same time handling all of my queries, indicating points of interests and the list goes on.  She did share she didn’t last know when she laughed with a client – we had that much fun as we explored Bangkok.  My only regret – the time we spent together was too short and she had so much more to offer! Ambrose & Irene: I can only speak for myself – Angela was all well-matched for me.  She was committed to her assignment, took pride in her work, were sincere and made each day special for me.  She touched my heart, had character and her conduct spoke to me of one who truly values offering the best to her respective clients. Driver: Drove in a safe manner and was polite to me. Always had a smile for me every time we crossed paths.