Testimonial 82

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We have been back in the USA almost a month now  and sincerely hope you can forgive this  tardy note.  Upon our arrival home we had to hit the ground running with  Christmas activities and preparations, then travel to Chicago for a week… return to Cape Cod, take down and put away “Christmas”… then cope with a wild weather  snow blizzard and extreme cold.  That said, not for anytime did I not want to write and announce WHAT A FINE EXPERIENCE  we had in LUANG PRABANG Dec 4, 2013 to Dec. 8, 2013.   THANKS to KHIRI Travel. Your kind and generous gifts of the lovely handmade paper book and the exquisite saffron colored hand woven scarf were so appreciated.  The scarf now graces as a table runner in our home so I see it all the time.   Your kindness of the lunch of fine Laotian cuisine at the Tamarind Restaurant was another treat.. BUT… I hope  you are aware the greatest treasures you gave  us was our Guide BOON   and the Driver DAUN.  Do hope my spelling is not too far off. Both these men were  not only fine professionals but we felt they were people we liked and found  relaxing and enjoyed.  Boon made  our visit one that  was so special that we are certain we will return to Luang Prabang and hope to see him again, perhaps in a year or two.  Of course he showed us everything on the itinerary ,Pagodas ,Wats, Markets, the Caves etc…. BUT with his  intuitive barometer knowing, sensing when and what, where we wanted  to linger he excelled.

**** While at Big Brother  Mouse he was gracious when we explained we wanted to stay a little longer there and continue with conversations with the participants.
**** He gave us a few phrases , greetings and words to practice and use.  And he never giggled once at our pitiful attempts and mistakes.
****Both men allowed us to  stop and photograph a place or plant at any time.
**** Always answered our questions with an honesty and clarity even though I suspect they have heard these same questions so many times before.
My memory highlights  were…
****  Taking us to the HMONG NEW YEAR and letting us just sit, wander  and drink in all those  sights, colors  and excitement.
****The visit to  different Ethnic Villages along with the visit to the Ethnographic museum
****My interests in the various religions and textiles was  gratefully  fed
**** Simply watching children be children in play and interacting.
**** Almost a color  overload in the Night Market
**** The magic of the “RIVER” and viewing the life on its banks.
**** The Waterfall…. and those  bears… being bears…
*********** Yet… BOON really showed his stuff at the airport when it was discovered  my ticket was made out to CLAUDE Drucker .. not CLAUDIA R. Drucker.  He calmly allowed  the problem was to be resolved… and he did.  I believe a call to you was also involved… but that might have been an ugly predicament  if BOON  had not been there with us. Please recognize what a fine Guide and person he is and Thank him again for us? In addition over these holidays I fear our relatives and friends have all had their ears filled with what a fine 3 weeks we spent in Southeast Asia. With our enthusiasm I am certain  some  Americans who hadn’t considered ” this  area as a destination” for them are now ” getting some ideas”.  Hope to  meet you in person upon our next visit to Luang Prabang.

sincerely, Claudia R. Drucker