Adventure Kayaking in Kayin State

April 3, 2015 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

Kayaking through flooded rice paddies and hiking along quiet jungle trails, this soft adventure tour takes you on a remarkable journey to experience the rural life of the ethnic Kayin minority people. Also known as Karen, these people from Kayin State are mostly subsistence farmers that live in small mountain villages where they grow rice, vegetables and raise animals. Paddling in kayaks through the flooded rice fields, you pass through some stunning scenery, before continuing on foot along jungle trails to visit their modest homes in a local Kayin village. You then continue on to another isolated village where you stop at a traditionally built house and enjoy an authentic home-cooked meal served by the family. After eating your fill, you return to the kayaks and paddle off to explore a beautiful Buddhist grotto located inside the famous Saddar Cave in the district of Hpa-An. The entrance to the cave is marked by two impressive elephant statues, golden frescoes and Buddha figures.

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