Cooking in the rice fields

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cooking in the rice fields - Indonesia

A culinary adventure in the middle of paradise

Join us on this unique signature experience where we combine hiking and cooking in the lush green paddies (rice fields) of Lombok. First get your fresh ingredients at the local market before heading to the heart of the rice growing area. Build up your appetite while walking through the most amazing rice fields Lombok has to offer.

Exploring makes hungry, so what’s better than getting comfortable at a shaded bamboo resting place to prepare your own local Sasak meal. Your guide will show you the tricks and techniques to help you cook up your own meal using the best local ingredients that you bought at the market earlier on.

How about semur (meat stew), tumis (stir fried vegetables), tahu isi (stuffed tofu), urap urap (spicy salad) or ikan bakar (grilled fish). If you’re lucky you can even make ares, a hard to find coconut curry with the soft inner parts of the banana tree! Maybe you even have the chance to share this meal with the farmers and let them be the judge of your cooking skills! After this hiking and cooking in the rice fields experience cooking will never be the same!

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