Discover Hue, The Authentic way

November 1, 2018 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under:

Ancient Capital, centre of arts and religion in Vietnam, significant battlefield of the American War. Hue is the epitome of the old meeting the new. The city is split almost in half by the Purple River where the old town sits on the North banks and the modern district to the South. Today you will get a taste of what real life is like in Hue. With our guides who have grown up here, learn about Hue through the eyes of a real local. Hear stories of their childhood, through the war and their families. Learn about the creative streak that runs through the heart of the city and explore parts of the city often overlooked. If available, we will receive a blessing from the monks at Thien Mu, travel along the calming Purple River by Boat, see and experience the famous bronze factories of Phuong Duc, have a local lunch by the walls of the citadel, learn about the Imperial City and it’s secrets and return to our artistic roots as we create our own Truc Chi art, using bamboo paper! An immersive tour where the focus is on the people and the stories behind what makes this city such a delight to discover.

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