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food in Indonesia - Signature experience

Discover the culinary secrets through street food and hang out with the locals

To most travelers Yogyakarta is known as the cultural center of Java, but Yogya also has a lot to offer for the food enthusiast! Let us take you on a Javanese food experience to discover popular treats and hang out with the locals! Start walking from Tugu Monument or hop on a becak (pedicab) to see traditional and modern angkringan (foodstalls) along the way and head to the area famous for kopi joss, coffee with a brick of burning hot charcoal!

After this you’re ready to continue by becak to soak up the hustle and bustle of Jalan Malioboro. If you want you can try the famous mi kadin (stirfried noodles) at the north alun-alun (square). You will then continue to the alun-alun (square) south of the kraton (palace) where you can try the legendary walk through two waringin trees (banyan trees) while blindfolded. Afterwards continue to the Wijilan area to sample different kinds of Yogya’s famous dish gudeg (jackfruit curry).

These were just starters, so to wrap up this culinary experience we’ll finish at one of the famous angkringan restaurants popular with students and families alike. Here you can choose from dozens of freshly made dishes cooked up in front of you. Wash it all down with some flavorful and colorful drinks like wedang uwuh (red herbal drink) or wedang jahe    (ginger tea) to round up your culinary Yogya experience!

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