Jaffna Landscape of the Imagination

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Each journey we take becomes part of the fabric of our life and who we are. Jaffna is a region that endured a cruel civil war for a thirty long years and is slowly opening up again. Discover this treasure trove of authentic experiences located off Sri Lanka’s north coast that is still undiscovered by most travelers.

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Sri Lanka’s Tamil North

Sri Lanka’s Tamil North has all the ingredients of a top tourism destination, but for now we enjoy it’s blessed obscurity among the general public. Jaffna was closed to travelers for thirty years during its bloody civil conflict which isolated it from the rest of Sri Lanka. This year, the Queen of Jaffna resumed services and it is now convenient to visit the peninsula and the islands by train. Since we believe that travelers have a responsibility to the places they visit, in Jaffna we work exclusively with the Tamil community for our guides and support those that have been directly been affected by the war through homestay accommodations and families who will host a lunch or dinner.

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Tamil Culture

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For the adventurous and curious traveler, Jaffna is a must. The Tamil cuisine alone merits a visit, ranging from the spicy seafood medley odiyal kool to fiery curries and doughy roti. Temples and religion also set the stage for incredible festivals like Nallur in August and the towering Kovils dot the landscape with their elongated and heavily decorated houses of worship. Delft island, formerly know as Ihla de Vacas by the Portuguese and later Delft by the Dutch, deserves its own chapter with its feral horses, ruined forts, coral walls and unspoiled beaches.

Jaffna, Sri Lanka, local people

Khiri Travel has been a pioneer in developing several programs in Jaffna that range from two to four days and covers its culture, history, and people. Immerse your clients in the world of Tamil hospitality, delicious cuisine and religion and open a window into one of the most dramatic and enticing regions of the world.

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