Meet the Dancers – A Kandy Evening

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Sri Lanka, a country richly endowed with engaging culture and welcoming people offers a vibrant and unique show of Sri Lankan traditional dances in the form of the Kandy Cultural Show. The Kandy Lake Club Dance Troupe performs as many as twelve different folk dances within the span of one hour. The dance form Salupliya depicts several animated demons. Thelme is a pulsating expression of low country rhythm, and Fire and Harvest dances are orchestrated by the lively tempo of ceremonial drums. Afterwards, take a step away from the crowds and go backstage to meet and greet the evening’s dancers. Try on one of their stylish turban hats or learn a little wrist twist, if you desire. To add some true colonial charm to the evening, we head over to the Queen’s Hotel to enjoy a serving of tea and cake accompanied by a live pianist.
Photo by Van Deth Images