Kandy Heritage Cycling

One of the things we love when we travel is getting in touch with the locals and immersing ourselves in the destination. In Kandy, doing so is increasingly difficult as the town is flooded with tourists. Discover Kandy away from the hustle and bustle of the town by riding vintage bicycles through small villages and finding what authentic Kandyan life is all about.

 Sri lanka - Kandy Heritage Cycling

Imagine a quaint Buddhist temple located on a small hill with a beautifully painted cave and a serene sleeping Buddha – we couldn’t think of a better location to start our Kandy Heritage Cycling tour. Get ready for a ride in true Sri Lankan style. To blend in with the village experience, we use the same bicycles as the locals: beautiful black frame “grandma style”, so there are no gears with this is old-school cycling! You will have to push yourself a bit harder than usual, but the feeling of being in Sri Lanka will be complete. The route has a couple of moderate hills but anyone moderately fit can do it. 

bicycle - Sri lanka - Kandy Heritage Cycling

On board our vintage bicycles, we take small lanes and back-roads to discover the heritage of Kandy through its people, like a keeper of a Buddhist Temple or our favorite coconut seller,  who carry on the traditions of the Kandyan Kingdom. Step back to a gentler time as we recreate the charm of Ceylon in the 1920s, an era where things moved at a slower pace. Our inspiration for this program was Leonard Woolf’s chronicles of his time in Kandy at the turn of the last century.

Picnic - Sri Lanka

For those feeling a bit peckish during the tour, don’t forget to try the roti and string hopperswhen we stop for our countryside picnic at a spectacular but secret location. Along the way, we’ll also visit some cottage industries including a wood carver and a small foundry. It’s a good chance to support the community by purchasing some rather unique spoons made from coconuts!

Country Manager’s Advice:

Check out the village hair dresser and get a Sri Lankan style haircut in a cute little shop!