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One of the things we love when we travel is getting in touch with the locals and immersing ourselves in the destination. In Kandy, doing so is increasingly difficult as the town is flooded with tourists. Discover Kandy away from the hustle and bustle of the town by riding vintage bicycles through small villages and finding what authentic Kandyan life is all about.

Beyond the busy streets and crowded temples of urban Kandy, Khiri Travel Sri Lanka wants to take your clients to a rural village to explore a side of Kandy that is hidden to all but a few visitors. Our local insider and expert guide, Srimal, from Kandyan Back Roads leads a tranquil walking tour on paths where there are no tourists. Rather, there is a quiet forest, a small village and a school where the kids are playing cricket. This landscape showcases an interesting mixture of people, culture and of course, local food.

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Our charismatic host will take your clients through his ancestral village where he is proud to point out his neighbors’ garden plots growing a variety of spice plants. He won’t mind if your clients want to pluck a leaf to sample the smells and textures. Along the walk, the path follows a centuries old canal with overhanging greenery and creeper vines like the ones Tarzan and Jane made famous.

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Srimal will introduce your clients to a local blacksmith still laboring in the tradition of his ancestors. This is a style of life that is fading rapidly due to technological advances and lack of interest by the younger generation. Beyond the town is a scene of farmers tending their rice paddy fields and the Hunnasgiriya Mountains providing the picturesque backdrop. Since fresh air and walking generates an appetite, the tour will provide a sample of some local snacks and drinks for refreshment.

Sri Lanka is growing in popularity as a destination. If Kandy is part of your client’s itinerary, this walking tour is a great way to connect with the people and landscape of Kandy’s back roads.

Country Manager’s Advice:

It’s a great program actually. You should try it!

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