A day in the Life of a Balinese Artist

Artist - Indonesia

Uncover the secrets behind Bali’s artistic soul

Bali; the name alone suggests images of rice paddies and mighty volcanoes. Besides the exotic image that the island has built over the years, together with its natural attractions, it’s the people that define Bali’s soul and character.

Ubud in the 1930’s became a heaven for artists with the likes of Walter Spies, Miguel Covarrubias and later Antonio Blanco and Arie Smit. The island has been magnet for the arts and Ubud its epicenter.

One of the most remarkable ways of discovering Bali is through its people and the unique art forms the island is known for the world over. We invite you to join us in a memorable trip to the soul of the island.

Meeting local artists at their homes and workshops we open the door to a world that is normally hidden form the sight of travelers. You can buy an art piece in a showroom but how about meeting the masters themselves.

We always dream about a chance to meet interesting local people, we will give you the opportunity of meeting some local maestros and then having a meal with a host family in a real Balinese home.